In a running session, you can control the behavior or your simulator in various ways. For instance, you can manually change your patient’s vital sign values on the go. 

You can learn how to do this as explained in this video or as explained below.

In the Virtual Patient Monitor, click on the Vital Sign that you’d like to change the value for.

In the pop-up window you can change the value - in above case the beats per minute for the Heart Rate.

You can even provide an onset, which is the number of seconds you give your patient to ramp up to or down to the newly defined rate.

Click on the check mark in the bottom right corner to apply the new settings. 

An ongoing onset will be signalled by a little arrow in the top right corner of the modified Vital Value Sign value .

The settings you apply here will be reflected in the behavior of your simulator.

Did you know that you can also choose from a number of waveforms in your Virtual Patient Monitor to modify your patient’s state on the go? Check out how to do this here.

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