After starting a patient scenario on your PCS you’ll land on the session control screen, from where you can follow the events of your simulation and  control the behavior of your unit.

You can customize which vitals appear in your Virtual Patient Monitor as explained in this video or as explained below.

Click on the cogwheel at the top right hand corner of the "Vitals" section.

Select or deselect items with a simple click in the appearing drop-down list. 

Note: The vitals will appear in the order that you select them. So if you’d for instance deselect the Heart Rate then select it again, it’ll appear at the bottom of your Virtual Patient Monitor screen.

Changes you make are saved to your account, so the layout will be reflected in any simulation you run. The layout personalization you apply to your account will only be saved to your simulations, so if you’d share a session link with someone, they’ll only see personalization they too have made on their account.

Did you know you can also change the vital sign values of a running patient scenario on the go? Learn how to do this here.

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