Excerpt of Video Tutorial Transcript

In a running session you’ll have plenty of options appearing in your session control, all of which are covered in our further help content, but in this video, let me show you  the settings you can apply to your vital sounds for heart, lung and bowel auscultations.

Navigate to the Sounds area in your session control screen by either scrolling on the page, or by using the menu at the bottom of your screen.

The settings you apply here will be reflected in the behavior of your simulator. You’ll be able to hear the set sounds when performing auscultation on your simulator using your SmartScope.

Choose which vitals you’d like to set a sound for, then just click on the sound appearing below it and choose from a number of presets in the drop-down menu. Your simulator will instantly follow.

You’ll also see the settings you’ve applied appearing in your session logs. 

If your interested in learning a bit more about your Smart Accessories which you’ll be using for auscultations and blood pressure measurements, click here

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