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The session control is the view you'll see when ever you'll start running a session on your simulator and it is from where you can control the behavior of your simulator and/or follow the log events of what’s happening on your simulator.

You'll find plenty options here all of which are covered in our further help content, but in this video I want to focus on the Virtual Patient Monitor and how you can personalize it to your simulation needs.

The Virtual Patient Monitor is basically the Vitals section on your session control screen and it displays the vital sign values ( such as HR, etc.) and waveforms.

This Virtual Patient Monitor can serve as your bedside station and can also be displayed as vitals only. Check out our tutorial on Simulator Settings to learn more.

You can change the vital values as you go, even specify an onset value, which is basically a specific number of seconds you want to give your simulator to gradually ramp-up to or down to the newly specified rate.

If you want to change the waveform just click on it and choose from the presets.

Settings you apply here will be reflected in the behavior of your simulator.

Finally, you can customize the patient monitor’s layout by clicking on the settings icon.  Pick and choose what you’d like to see to personalize it to your simulation needs.

One quick note here: the vital sign values and waveforms will always appear in the order that you’ve selected them from the dropdown. 

If your interested in learn a bit more about Auscultation Sound Settings, click here

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