Excerpt of Video Tutorial Transcript

Go to the online application (app.pcs.ai). Under the Simulators tab open your simulator settings and go to the Sharing tab. Here you can grant control over your unit to others by typing their email address and by clicking on the Add user button. 

Once you share your simulator with anyone, they’ll be sent an email informing them that the simulator has been shared with them and inviting them to setup their login details to the online application.

Once they’ve set up their account, they’ll be able to control the unit from under the Simulators tab just like you.

Note: We strongly recommend not using control sharing to share sessions with your learners. You will be able to share specific sessions with your learners in another way, which  will give your learners and / or  simulation participants restricted / read-only access. 

If you need to revoke access of (any) simulator’s control, simply go back to the Sharing tab under your simulator’s settings  and remove the user's email address by clicking on the 'x' appearing when placing your mouse cursor over the email address.

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