Excerpt of Video Tutorial Transcript

Once logged into the online application  you’ll find your simulator settings under the Simulators tab. Just locate your simulator and click on the settings icon in the far right hand corner.

In the pop-up window, you’ll see three main tabs, Status, Sharing and Integrations.

Let’s start with what you can find under the Status tab.

Here you’ll see basic information about your Simulator,  Smart accessories and volume settings.

You’ll need to have your ALEX powered on, on power cord and connected to the internet to see the battery status of your simulator. You can also hover over this point to learn about your Simulator’s software version which is good to know when you want to make sure your unit is up to date. You’ll see this information listed as image version.

To see the status of your SmartScope and SmartCuff you’ll need those smart accessories to be switched on and in use. So don’t worry if they show up as “Not connected” right after you boot up ALEX, they’ll show as connected once you switch on your SmartScope by pressing the blue button on the side of the puck or by starting to inflate your SmartCuff. 

You can also adjust the volume for ALEX’s voice and vitals here. Just use the volume bars to control the volume levels to your simulation needs. 

The next tab is the sharing tab, where you can share control over your simulator with others . The shared with section is where you’ll be able to share simulator control with instructors and facilitators; the assign this browser button is related to sharing simulator control with your learners. 

You can learn more about how to do this through our help content on our help site. Search for the articles about sharing simulator control.

The bedside station and vitals only links here give you the options to display the virtual patient monitor and patient file or virtual patient monitor only in a separate view. 

Note: you'll need to have a session running on your unit for these options to be active.

Finally, the Integrations tab is where you can integrate ALEX's live video stream with any existing AV capture / Center Management system that supports RTSP protocol. You can even integrate events with it if it supports websocket protocol.

If your interested in learning a bit more about the virtual patient monitor (to set vitals and use waveforms), click here.

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