Excerpt of Video Tutorial Transcript

The online application is from where you will be able to control your Patient Communication Simulator, review closed simulation sessions for debriefing and author content for your own simulation scenarios.

Once logged into the online application  you’ll see three main tabs:  Simulators, Archive and Patients. 

You can also access the personalized menu in the top right corner. A good place to start is to go through the “Guided Tour” which gives a hands-on walk through of the basics. This is also the menu through which you can reach out to us through our “Online Chat Support” option. 

Now let’s take a look at the three tabs.

The Simulator tab is where all of your simulators that you own, or that have been shared with you will be listed. You can start simulations from here using the “Start” button, and can access settings for your simulator(s) using this settings button such as sharing, volume control, integration with 3rd party AV systems, and more. 

Next is the Archive tab, where your simulation records are saved. All finished simulations end up here, so if you’re looking for a session to debrief, this is where to look. . 

Finally, the Patients tab  gives you the Patient Editor. You'll see all patient sessions bundled with your PCS, and those custom patients that you create or that are shared with you. This is where you can view and/ or customize patient sessions to your simulation needs. 

 If your interested in learning a bit more about starting and navigating simulations click here.

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