You can always make sure that the network you would like to use for ALEX PCS (be it wired or wireless) meets your simulator’s network requirements. Just run this network test.

If you plan on using wired internet before you run the test please make sure to

  • use the very same port and ethernet cable you want to connect to ALEX for the test;

  • plug one end of the ethernet cable into the port you plan to use for ALEX;

  • plug the other end of the ethernet cable into your laptop or computer;

  • turn off the wifi interface on the device you run the test on; 

If your choice is wireless before you run the test please make sure to

  • connect to the very same wifi network you plan ALEX to use with your laptop (or other wifi enabled device);

  • only have this active wifi connection on the device (for instance, unplug any additional ethernet cable connected to your computer; or switch off mobile internet on a smartphone);

If all set, open a browser (Google Chrome or FireFox) on your connected device and go to the network test page. By going to the page the test will automatically run itself. 

Wait for the results and check the markings. Any lack of a green checkmark, or red x-mark beside any of the listed information signals that ALEX’s network requirements may not be met. 

If this is the case, please make a screenshot of the results for reference, and turn to your local IT specialist to assist you in making sure that the network requirements here are all met on the network you wish to connect ALEX to. 

Should you require further assistance in this matter, we too would be grateful to receive a copy of the network test results’ screenshot .  

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