If while setting up ALEX’s network connection as explained here  you run into the setup page not even seeing your preferred wifi network and so not listing  under the “SET WI-FI TO” drop down,  this usually means that either the signal is poor or the network you want to connect to is a hidden wifi network.  

Configure a hidden wifi network as explained below:

1. Go to ALEX’s setup page as explained here and follow the prompts on screen until you reach the wifi network setup page. 

2. On the screen, choose to “Join Other Network” from the drop down next to the “SET WI-FI TO” option.

3. Next, enter the name of the hidden wifi network into the field next to “NETWORK NAME”

4. Finally, enter the password for the network and click "Connect".

Note: setting hidden wifi for your ALEX PCS is supported only with software version 180314 and above.  If your ALEX PCS’'s software version is earlier than 171120, please contact us to help you update, drop us a note to help@pcs.ai.

Need a bit more help with bringing your ALEX PCS online. Check out this quick help on brining ALEX online with a wifi connection; or this one on bringing ALEX online with a wired connection. 

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