To verify that the wifi network you are trying to get your ALEX PCS online through is live and working, please go through the following:

  1. Grab any other wifi enabled client device (smartphone, laptop or desktop, etc.). 

  2. Make sure no other internet interferes with your test on that device by removing any ethernet cables that are attached for instance to a laptop or desktop computer, or that on a smartphone mobile internet is switched off. 

  3. Next simply try to connect to this wifi signal from this device.

  4. Once connected try to visit a website ( or will do). See if the pages load - verifying your wifi network is live.

If during the above steps you are unable to connect to the wifi signal at all from the addition device, or you are able to connect but cannot load any webpages please turn to your local IT to ensure you have a live wifi network.

If you are able to connect and load webpages, but it seems it’s only ALEX that can’t connect , please check with your local IT specialist if ALEX’s network requirements are met on your chosen wifi network.

Need more help with getting ALEX online through wifi? Check out this help guide.

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