ALEX requires a live internet connection to operate. This is necessary to capture all simulation data in the cloud and to control the simulator from any device (computer, smartphone or tablet) with internet connectivity.

You can get your ALEX PCS connected to either a wired or a wifi network. 

Although ALEX fully supports wifi-based operation, a wired connection will always provide better reliability, higher quality live AV streams and more immediate availability of debriefing content. 

A wifi-based operation on the other hand provides flexibility. If you plan to move your ALEX PCS around much, then this may be a better solution for you.

Whichever is your preference, to set them up you’ll need another wireless enabled client device. This can be the tablet you received with ALEX 2.0 or your own computer, laptop, smartphone etc.

Start by powering up ALEX as explained here

Next, grab the additional device and open a browser (Google Chrome or FireFox) on it. Go to the webpage which is the setup page for your PCS. It will guide you through the steps to bring your unit online.

Run into any difficulties while bringing your unit online based on the above? Check out this quick help on brining ALEX online with a wifi connection; or this one on bringing ALEX online with a wired connection. 

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