Welcome to the PCS user’s community. To get started with using your PCS first you’ll want to powering it up.

Connect the battery charger to ALEX and a wall outlet if possible.
Tip: Whenever the battery is charging, the power LED is pulsing.  Although ALEX can operate from its built-in battery for several hours, to extend battery life we suggest keeping it charged whenever practical.

Next, connect a wired network connection to ALEX if possible.
Tip: although ALEX fully supports wifi-based operation, a wired connection will always provide better reliability, higher quality live AV streams and more immediate availability of debriefing content.

Thirdly, confirm that the ALEX simulator is currently powered off: the power LED is off (if fully charged) or pulsing (if charging).

Next, power on the simulator by briefly pressing the power button. To indicate the ongoing startup process, the power LED will turn to blue indicating that the unit is booting up.

When the power LED turns green, ALEX is booted up and ready to go.

Now that you’ve got your PCS powered on, next you’ll want to make sure the unit is connected to the internet. Follow the steps here learn how to. 

ALEX’s led on his side is not turning green? Jump here for some help with this.

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