We understand that sometimes your ALEX may be resting,  stored away for a while until your next simulation session. In such cases it's a good idea to do a quick head-to-toe check before your next session to make sure ALEX is ready to operate to your needs.

To help you make sure all is up and running, we've compiled a check-list for you below that walks you through all the key points.

If at any point during these steps you experience that something isn’t quite right and you need our assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch by either writing to us at help@pcs.ai or by dropping us a line through our Online Chat Support. 

  1. Plug ALEX on power cord then power him on. Alex’s power led on his side will first turn blue to signal booting up, then turn green when he is ready for use.

  2. Next, log into the online application (https://app.pcs.ai) , go to the Simulators Tab and take a look at the status of your Simulator. If all is up and running, then you'll see “Ready” next to your simulator. If you see “Unavailable” first wait a minute and refresh the web page. If your Simulator’s status remains ‘Unavailable” the likelihood is that your ALEX is not connected to the internet. You can find helpful steps on how to bring your ALEX unit online in this article.

  3. Once you have your ALEX unit connected to the internet, it’s time to give it a test drive. Start a simulation with ALEX Healthy on your unit.

  4. Touch Alex’s shoulder wait for the beep-beep sound and ask ALEX “Can you tell me about when it started?”. ALEX will respond “I think two days ago - maybe after I cleaned my ears.”. You'll also see evidence of both your question and ALEX’s answer appearing in your session’s logs. 

  5. Next, grab your SmartScope and press the blue button it’s side to turn it on. The led on the side of the SmartScope will turn green when the accessory has powered on. If by any chance the led is rapidly alternating one green and one amber blink, then the device’s battery is low. Plug it on charger and give it some time before continuing to use the device. If the led is alternating double green and double amber blinking, then you’re device will need to be paired with ALEX. Contact us at help@pcs.ai so we can help you with that before moving onto the next step. You can find some further helpful steps on setting up your SmartScope here

  6. Once you’re SmartScope is charged and ready to use, in your running session select a few auscultation sounds (e.g. Lung sounds) for your patient. Then give your SmartScope a try. You'll hear the auscultation sounds through your SmartScope and see evidence of the performed auscultation checks appearing in your Session Logs.

  7. Now, grab your SmartCuff. Wrap the cuff around ALEX’s arm and perform a measurement by radial palpation as per usual procedure. Once you deflate the cuff, you'll feel the pulse and see evidence of the performed BP check in your session’s log saying “Blood pressure measured successfully by radial pulse palpation”. If by any chance you don’t feel the pulse or see a log entry, it’s time to check if the battery in the sensor of the SmartCuff is still alive. Unscrew the top of the small red box (the sensor), take out and put back the battery and check if the led is blinking. If by any chance the led is not blinking, you'll need new batteries. You can find further help here on how to check and replace the batteries. 

  8. Finally, when all is up and running, it’s time to play around with ALEX. Change his Vital Values, check if his right eye IrisCam is recording the session under the Video section in your running session and just make sure everything is running to your needs.

Hope you found this check-list helpful. Use it anytime you feel your ALEX needs a check. And don't forget, we're here to support you if you need any assistance. Reach out to us at help@pcs.ai or through our Online Chat Support. 

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