ALEX can laugh or sneeze, even pause when speaking. You can include voice effects in any of ALEX’s responses, be it  a predefined response in your custom patient or when using Text-to-Speech.

Effects work based on commands:The following effects can be added to a response when entering the relevant command into the text field:

  • Laughter <laugh>

  • Coughing  <cough> 

  • Sneezing <sneeze> 

  • Snore <snore>

  • Groaning <groan>

  • Pause in speech <pause>

Using effects:

Add the command of the effect you want to hear to the relevant response. 

You can add it to the Speech settings of any of your custom patients, for example: "I'm doing okay <cough> <cough>. Thank you."

 ...Or you can add it to any response you enter into Text-to-Speech during a running simulation, for example "I have a cold <pause> <cough>.

Make sure not to leave any spaces within the brackets when entering your preferred effect into a response.

Using effects in other languages
Effects are available in English and French conversations. French language commands are as follows:

  • Laughter <rire>

  • Coughing  <tousser> 

  • Sneezing <éternuer> 

  • Snore <ronfler>

  • Groaning <gémir>

  • Pause in speech <pause>

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