Ever run into a situation when ALEX did not understand a question or gave an inappropriate response? This happens when he is faced with a question that's not sufficiently similar to any one of the questions he knows to answer.

You can always customize ALEX’s speech to tweak your own patient's conversation through the Patient Editor.

But what if you spot something in those patients bundled with ALEX? Explore our Speech Suggestion tool!

From now on, with a single click, you can tell ALEX what you expected him to say when he receives a particular question. Your suggestion will immediately be submitted. After passing a quick review, your submission will make all ALEX simulators in the world smarter.

Speech suggestion is available through running simulation sessions or from video archives by clicking the "?" appearing on the right of each speech log entry. 

Note: For your own custom patients, modify speech though the Patient Editor. Speech suggestions affect and improve the public ALEX patients, bundled with the ALEX simulator.

Make a suggestion when ALEX misunderstands or doesn’t understand a question

When ALEX responds to a question with something completely wrong, or doesn’t understand,  responds with 'Sure', simply just hover over the question and click the "?" in the Simulation Logs (running session or simulation recording archives).

When ALEX responds incorrectly, you'll see the question closest to any of the questions he knows how to answer. In case no similar questions is found, you are free to add it to any Category, Topic.

At the top of the window, in the top drop-downs, select the patient you are making your suggestion for, you can also select a patient state if applicable.

Select the Category you feel the question and response would belong to, then the Topic with it’s Response. Your question will automatically be prefilled with your suggestion.

You can always suggest a completely new Topic and Response if none of the existing is a good umbrella for your question, even a completely new Category.

Once you’re happy with your suggestion, just hit the “Suggest” button at the bottom of the screen and a confirmation window will appear summarizing your suggestion.

You’ll see again a new pop-up window summarizing the details of your suggestion. When you are done, simply hit Suggest to send your recommendation.

When you hit Submit, your suggestion is sent for review and publishing.

And it’s as simple as that!

Interested in more ways to personalize your patients? Check out our section on the Patient Editor

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