ALEX is the very first patient simulator with an HD camera – streaming live, low-latency video from his right eye to your digital devices and AV systems. ALEX creates the opportunity to experience the patient’s perspective. We appreciate video recording usage may require indication and consent for certain jurisdiction for those present.

How can I tell if ALEX is recording?

It is true: ALEX has no "red blinking light" when recording video. On the app UI (, the simulator status shows "Running" in the simulator list.
Video and audio is only recorded and streamed to authorized users while a simulation is running. The majority of healthcare simulation centers are equipped with AV recording equipment for debriefing purposes. You might consider placing notification sign(s) "Video Recording in Progress" or "Audio/Video Surveillance in Progress" in the hallway near the entrance, or next to ALEX.

Where and how are video data saved?

All ALEX data, including live and recorded video content, are encrypted both when transferred to any cloud services and when stored. Additionally, any ALEX data and control is only available using encrypted HTTPS connections.

Where are recorded videos stored?

In the name of full transparency, we would like to highlight that as of today, we store ALEX IrisCam video recordings on a server located in the US. Video recordings are only transferred and stored fully encrypted.

Can video and audio recording be disabled?

We can always fully disable all video and audio recording and streaming functionality for any ALEX unit if necessary.
For the ALEX Lite package video recording is disabled by default. IrisCam live streaming is available for running patient sessions real time, video is not recorded for the simulation archive.
The ALEX Plus/Pro packages include 1,000/unlimited video recording hours.

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