We understand you may need your peers, other faculty members and/or facilitators, to have control of ALEX or view the recorded simulations data. There is an easy way to share your simulator control with your peers by creating their individual login. Sharing the simulator always grants full access and control of the unit, and to its full archive recording library.

Note: We strongly recommend NOT using this sharing with learners or simulation participants but only with faculty and peer facilitators. Restricted or read-only (learner) access is described here.

At app.pcs.ai click the cogwheel on the right-hand side of your simulator name.
In the simulator settings window, select the "Sharing" tab. Type the email address of the person you wish to share the simulator with, and click "Add User". 

All users with access to this simulator are also displayed on this page, in the "Shared with:" section indicating the simulator is shared with them.

Once a new user is added, they will receive an email letting them know ALEX has been shared with them, and the steps to set up their login. They will be able to create their personal password to use with their email when logging in at app.pcs.ai.

Note: Each ALEX simulator has its unique access path and sharing generates an individual path for every user added. If you have multiple ALEX simulators, your faculty will be able to see the simulator(s) and data archive(s) for their shared units.

If you need to revoke access of (any) ALEX simulator, simply click the cogwheel and remove the user's email address (by clicking the 'x').

When their email is removed, ALEX is no longer shared with them; thus, they are not able to see or access the simulator.

Need help? Use the online chat at the app.pcs.ai or drop us a note at help@pcs.ai.

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